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Depresión y Ansiedad

Depresión y Ansiedad

Depression is a mental/emotional disorder that causes a feeling of constant sadness and loss of interest in performing different activities. It affects a person's feelings, thoughts, and behavior and can be the source of a variety of physical and emotional problems. The person often feels that it is not worth living. This disorder is progressive begins with pessimistic thoughts, attitude of avoidance and not socializing.

Some symptoms of depression:
• Irritable mood or sadness.
• Most of the time insomnia or prolonged sleep.
• Fatigue, tiredness and low energy level.
• Appetite disorder that causes weight gain or loss.
• Inactivity and loss of pleasure in activities that previously produced joy.
• Low level of self-esteem and self-image.
• Difficulty concentrating
• Strong feeling of abandonment, loneliness and hopelessness.
• Live without motivation.
• Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.
Energy calibration may be an option to heal depression.

Anxiety is fear of the future. Anxiety is a very common symptom that causes intense emotional distress and deep distress. The person suffering from anxiety experiences fear of things to come.

Some signs of anxiety:
• Nervousness or tension.
• Vulnerability
• Tiredness.
• Insomnia.
• Feeling of being in danger.
• Lack of concentration and easy distraction.
• Difficulty controlling negative feelings and worries.
• Acceleration of heart rate or palpitations.
• Tremors and sweating.

Energy calibration is an excellent option to free yourself from those anxiety crises.

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