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Energy Calibration

Energy Calibration

The energy calibration is a channeled technique that raises the frequency of the person’s original design and puts it in tune with that of the planet and with that of the solar system. For this, 5 protocols are activated in the energetic design of the person and this activates the energetic mechanisms of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

This causes the memories that are no longer useful for the person to be eliminated and the memories that are activated and phased to be addressed.

This technique helps you connect with your inner strength, helps you leave memories behind, raises the frequency of your energetic design, and can help you make important changes in your life. The energetic calibration is not a therapy, but it can have therapeutic effects, that is why the energetic calibration is a tool of evolution.

The effects of the energy calibration are:

  • Increase inner voice.
  • Greater strength to make decisions.
  • Activation of Order and non-ordered or postponed situations.
  • Greater emotional distance from situations that previously caused concern.
  • Lucidity, clarity, tranquility, security, protection provided by yourself, feeling of permanent happiness, inner peace…

Details of the session and investment:

Precio $130 USD 


Make me a question or book a session For emergency call to 911 or visit the nearest hospital

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