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Energy Calibration, Energy Healing and Biological Decoding

Energy Healing

Energy Calibration

Biological Decoding

Hello!, I am Carmen Julia

Bioenergy and Biodescodification Coach

I am Carmen Julia, a teacher by profession with postgraduate studies and extensive experience in Education. 3 years ago I started studies in Biological and Bioenergetic Decoding as a result of the search for concerns and questions that caught my interest. I discovered that diseases (symptoms, for biological decoding) are the result of an emotional conflict lived in solitude, without solution, in an unexpected and dramatic way, I also understood in depth how the self-healing of the human body happens, in addition to everything is energy and I have the power to transform my own energy. I create my own reality and endless magic in my being.

I always wondered why people have difficulty reaching goals, why they divorce, why they suffer in a relationship, why they do not achieve a stable relationship, why they lose children at an early age, why they live difficulties with money, why they suffer unexpected and catastrophic accidents, why it is difficult for them to maintain healthy relationships with the family, why they feel lost in the world, why they do not find meaning in their life, why they become depressed, why they are prisoners of addictions, why they are betrayed, defrauded, abused in different ways, then I wonder why all this, if the human being was created to live in full happiness and peace. These and many other questions caught my attention. Through my years As an educator, I have been able to see many of these situations in my students and their families, with my friends, family and in my own life.

In recent years I have dedicated myself to the deep study of many of these situations and everything I have learned has encouraged me to dedicate myself to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the human being. Therefore I have enjoyed reading important professionals dedicated to the study of human behavior. I have known different accompaniment therapies so that people find themselves, recognize themselves, accept each other, value themselves and thus manage to live their life with meaning and with authentic love for themselves and for others.

I invite you to get to know my services and discover the benefits that they can offer you and thus be able to live and enjoy your life to its full potential.


My Background

Energy healing

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Energy healing is a vibratory energy technique based on universal bioenergetics that studies the energy dynamics inside our body and outside of it. Once you become aware of this dynamic and the information it manages, you can change and cleanse it, blockages, anchors, patterns and diseases that are manifested through the body.

The healer serves as a channel and connector in the person's Original Design, there is contained all the information regarding what has been lived, agreed and recorded, along with their life potential, then the person is reconnected to their Original Design so that they can heal and modify information and blockages acquired in their life trajectory. 

I, as a channel, do not decide absolutely anything, I am only a connector and activator. This technique takes approximately 60 minutes and is performed in 5 protocols. The person lies on the table and allows healing, it is not necessary to undress. 

This practice can also be done remotely, having the same effects as when done in person.

The energy calibration

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The energy calibration is a channeled technique that raises the frequency of the person’s original design and puts it in tune with that of the planet and with that of the solar system. For this, 5 protocols are activated in the energetic design of the person and this activates the energetic mechanisms of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

This causes the memories that are no longer useful for the person to be eliminated and the memories that are activated and phased to be addressed.

This technique helps you connect with your inner strength, helps you leave memories behind, raises the frequency of your energetic design, and can help you make important changes in your life. The energetic calibration is not a therapy, but it can have therapeutic effects, that is why the energetic calibration is a tool of evolution.

The effects of the energy calibration are:

  • Increase inner voice.
  • Greater strength to make decisions. 
  • Activation of Order and non-ordered or postponed situations.
  • Greater emotional distance from situations that previously caused concern.
  • Lucidity, clarity, tranquility, security, protection provided by yourself, feeling of permanent happiness, inner peace…

Biological Decoding

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Biological decoding is an accompanying therapeutic tool that is based on the 5 biological laws of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer  “According to these biological laws, the so-called “diseases” are not, as is generally assumed, the result of a malfunction or malignancies of the organism but rather “special biological meaningful programs” (SBS), created to help an individual during  a period of emotional and psychological stress”.

Dr. Hamer

In this therapy, the consultant is accompanied by the therapist to find the emotional conflict experienced, empty the bodily sensations that were encoded in the unconscious through the life and thus release the stress of what was experienced in order to achieve healing.

"The energetic calibration has been a very significant change in my daily life. I feel very calm, very peaceful and a feeling that I don't care about anything. I don't worry anymore like before. Thank you for this super experience."


"This technique has helped me feel more centered, calmer, more patient and more energetic."


"La calibración energética me ha ayudado en diferentes maneras. Padezco lupus y fibromialgia y cuando me tuve mi primera sesión, yo sentí un cambio muy serio, empece a perder peso, mis dolores corporales empezaron a disminuir. Además me siento más segura de mi misma, con más calma y paz. Me siento empoderada."


"The calibration for me was a great experience because I feel calmer, I get angry less, especially I feel safe and with more energy. Also, I suffered from sciatica pain and since I calibrated myself, I have not felt that pain again"


"The energy calibration has increased my level of concentration, I feel more sure of myself, my decision-making is now stronger. I have a permanent feeling of calm."


"The energy calibration has helped me feel more confident, calmer, happier, I get less angry and I no longer worry if someone stops loving me."


"Thanks to the energy calibration I feel very calm, with a lot of peace and now I am more patient."


"The energy calibration has helped me a lot because now I feel calmer, something like very confident in myself and happy for no reason. Now I am more organized and I no longer put off things that I have to do on time. My house I have organized better and I feel more energetic."


"The calibration has made me feel empowered, sure of myself, without fear, I get angry less and my family has noticed positive changes in me."

Maria G.

"The energy calibration has helped me a lot to no longer feel sad, now I feel calmer and I worry less."

Maria C

"Energy calibration has brought many benefits to my life. I have been able to control my emotions, I feel calmer, I have forgiven myself for what I experienced in my past, now I value and recognize myself. This technique has allowed me to reduce my medication consumption given my health problem."



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